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Natural Solutions Holistic Beauty Boutique and Salon offers not only healthier hair color services but at-home haircolor kits. One of the brands offered is SanoTint LIGHT from Italy. This italian haircolor company has taken on the challenge of making permanent hair color without PPD. This PPD stands for para-Phenylendiamine (PPD).  In some cases, companies that have claimed to do this have used alternative PPD ingredients that still contain the harmful side effects. SanoTint LIGHT is different.  We welcome anyone who is in the Salem Ohio area to drop by and visit us. If a patch test is necessary, one can be requested. Professionals are able to answer your questions and help you find the right shade for you.


What else makes this At-Home Haircolor Kit beneficial for clients?

Those with allergies to ammonia will love this ammonia free formula. It is also free of metals, PEG, Parabens and customers who use just the color cream and developer without the shampoo and conditioner samples in the kit will love that it's gluten-free.


SanoTint LIGHT is a cream color which means that it is less messy. It processes within 30 to 45 minutes. There are over 10 shades to choose from, black to blondes.

Have just a little bit of gray near the roots that need a touchup?

The Sanotint Hair Mascara is here to save you time covering roots easily and quickly, with results that look incredibly natural. A hair mascara is the best way to cover regrowth at the roots immediately. Quickly hide those nasty roots and maintain a beautiful colored hair, with Sanotint Natural Mascara that is extraordinary easy to use. If you want to create contrasts of color, divide strands and apply the product from the root to the end. after some minutes brush your hair for smooth effect.


What do we think here at Natural Solutions? It's a great product! It's not something that will permanently dye the hair. But it will give temporary cover that can easily wash out in the shower. The color matches well with the coordinating permanent hair color. It's also great to use when you don't have time to color now, but have to go out and don't want the gray to show. If you have a tendency to part your hair - gray obviously shows up in the part - that's a great place to apply it. We've also used it on the brows - cleansing it with a cream cleanser at night which removes it easily. Every women coloring their hair should have a tube!


No Parabens, no Silicone, no preservatives

Senza Parabeni, Siliconi, Conservanti

Ohne Parabene, Silikone, Konservierungsstoffe

Sans Parabens, Silicones, Conservants

Who is looking for a PPD Free Hair Color?

We find that men and women from all over the world are seeking a healthier, safer, ppd free hair color. These clients express to us how traditional hair color kits as well as typical salon brands often have side effects that leave them feeling ill, dizzy, make them break out with hives, and even have brought them to the hospital. Doctors and alternative health professionals have recommended clients to us as we offer these products and even services.


Can a PPD Free Hair Color actually work just like a traditional hair color kit or typpical salon brand?

Because they do not contain as many dyes (PPD being a pigment range), there are challenges at times to the end result. For instance, SanoTint PPD Free LIGHT Hair Color kits are liimited on their color range. PPD pigments give hair color companies more formulations to give customers more options. Another thing about SanoTint LIGHT is that they are ammonia free. Ammonia is commonly used to open the hair shaft (cuticle) so that color can be lifted and deposited so to get a full saturation of color. Technique becomes important to pay attention to when applying a PPD Free Permanent Hair Color such as pre-softening hard to cover hair roots, adding heat to the processing, washing and rinsing with cooler water, etc.