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Salem Ohio Holistic Beauty Boutique and Salon provides our local customers professional perming solutions for everyone.  Our perms of choice are Paul Mitchell, CHI and Organic Curl Solutions.


Why do our perm services make a difference? Customers have many needs. Common complaints of those who get perms are that their scalps are sensitive, they get headaches and they are trying to find a healthier option for perming. Because of these issues, many who once had perms have stopped. But now there are safer perming solutions on the market and Natural Solutions knows how to help.  We have outlined the benefits of the perms we use on our clients below:


Paul Mitchell: This brand offers Ammonia and Thioglycolic Free formulas for three hair types. 1) Alkaline: For resistant, normal, gray and white hair. 2) Acid: For tinted and 50% highlighted hair. 3) For resistant, normal and fine hair.


CHI Farouk: This brand offers a Ammonia Free formula and utilizes It uses CHI 44 Ceramic Technology which works from the inside out to create body, movement, waves and curls while leaving hair in superior condition with unbelieable shine for three hair types:  1) Selection #1 is a gentle action wave is designed for fine, hi-lift color or prous hair.  2) Selection #2 is a self adjusting wave designed for normal, tinted and up to 50% highlighted hair.  3) Selection #3 is a conditioning wave designed for virgin, resistant and course hair.


Organic Curl Solutions: This brand offers a Ammonia Free, Thioglycolic Free, Sodium Hydroxide or Lithium Hydroxide Free formula. Organic Curl Systems is self-balancing with optimum conditioning.  The low pH it operates at virtually eliminates any damage to the hair. Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair or sensitive scalps.  With Organic Curls Systems, there is little need for test curls, and the more natural, gentle, and organic ingredients will provide your with only the most fabulous results.

Phone 330-337-0703 

If you are considering getting a perm, consider coming to Natural Solutions. We have been in business for 17 years and offer a holistic approach to beauty that compliments healthy and organic living. We care about our staff, and our perming curl systems support their health as well.


When should you NOT consider having a perm? If you are going to be having surgery or have had surgery in the past 6 months, Natural Solutions does not suggest having a perm service. The anesthesia prevents the perm from holding the curl. Our concern is to make sure your money isn't wasted. While other salons may take your service, they are gambling on it working. We would rather let you know up front the risks.