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Yes you can find this Revolutionary Organic Hair Color service!


The Organic Movement is overtaking the professional hair color market.  Organic Color Systems is a high performance range of long-lasting, permanent hair colors containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients. You can create infinite natural tones and exciting fashion colors with this extremely flexible line designed to unleash the artistry of hair colorists.  This 100% ammonia-free hair color maintains the hair's essential moisture and protein levels, so the hair is not damaged by the coloring process.  As the most natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free line worldwide, this revolutionary hair color minimizes the use of questionable ingredients while maximizing its overall performance.


Organic Color Systems is the new and revolutionary color for the truly natural, organic seeking consumer.


Why Ammonia Free?


The simple answer is this - Ammonia damages the hair and is toxic to the environment.  Ammonia is known to cause bronchial system problems and other related illnesses.  Recent research has found that 50% to 60% of clients suffer such negative effects from ammonia based color services.  Each complaint is individual and varies from slight to severe. Some of these include headaches, foggy feeling and nausea.  To the hairdressers, these toxic effects compounded over time can be career ending. That is why theSalon at Natural Solutions has brought this revolutionary organic hair color system in! We don't just care about our clients, we care about our stylists!


Ammonia will also open up the pores of the skin and staining can occur. But since Organic Color Systems is not made with ammonia little to no staining occurs.


By getting rid of ammonia, skin irritation and burning on the scalp is a thing of the past.  Additionally, the peroxide used in their developers is pharmaceutical grade which means it's the same as that found in eye drops and therefore gentler than the industry grade peroxide found in most other color lines.


Ammonia degrades the hair protein structure which can lead to banding, hot roots and colors that fade off tone.  With Organic Color Systems there is no banding or hot roots and colors fade on tone!


Organic Color Systems creates a more pleasant salon experience since there are no harmful ammonia fumes that can make breathing difficult and irritate the eyes, scalp or both.


So Organic Color Systems offers you a much healthier and better performing option. Developed in Great Britain and released in 1990, Organic Color Systems was first introduced in the US in 2003. theSalon at Natural Solutions is one of the few professional beauty salons in Ohio to offer it.


theSalon at Natural Solutions choose to use Organic Salon Systems because they are committed to educating and training their salons in the area of alternative professional salon services such as curl systems, color systems and other hair care products.


Organic Salon Systems provides professional hairdressers with high performance hair products which maximize the use of gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients, while minimizing the necessity for harsh or damaging chemical additives. W With these healthier products and better information, they hope to bring about superior results, increased competence and a safer salon environment for all concerned.  To accomplish their mission, they have adopted the following company ethos which theSalon at Natural Solutions agrees with:


. Nurture the beauty, dignity, respect, health and well-being of all


. Only distribute the highest performance, healthiest most natural, and gentlest products available


. Fully disclose all product ingredients and act with transparency, honesty, and integrity


. Never tolerate any products ever tested on animals


. Provide world-class service and always strive to become the best at what we do in every regard

How Organic Color Works


Organic Color Systems is different than other professional hair colors because the base oil in the formula is alkaline, so it raises the pH of the hair, and at the same time it acts as a conditioning agent softening the hair's cuticle and allowing it to be opened with gentle heat. This eliminates the need for ammonia.


In traditional hair color, ammonia blows open the cuticle taking the hair to a pH of 10.5 - 12. Organic Color Systems uses a moisturizing oil base with an extremely low amount of coconut derived ethanolamine to open the cuticle to a pH level of 9. This same oil base contains Oleic Acid which comes from olive oil and is used specifically to neutralize any residual ethanolamine during the coloring process.  You are then able to close the cuticle back down with our Organic Care line and return the hair to its ideal pH of 4.5 - 5.5.


Most other non-ammonia or 'natural' color lines replace ammonia with a very high percentage of ethanolamine only and use no other alkaline base.  So the same amount of damage is occurring.


Because Organic Color Systems has eliminated ammonia which is corrosive, they are able to use a much lower percentage of PPD's.  On average, Organic Color Systems colors contain and average 0.6% PPD's.  This is a sharp contrast to ammoniated colors which usually contain 3-6% PPD's.  Plus there are colors in this line that contain absolutely NO PPD's or PTD's. PPD stands for P-Phenylenediamine.  P-Phenylenediamine is a substance that often causes skin irritation, forcing many women to give up colouring their hair.  There is a huge need for hair color products made with little to know PPD's or PTD's. Customers who complain of allergy suffer from welts, itchy and irritated scalp, to more severe life threatening effects. theSalon at Natural Solutions is proud to offer Organic Color Systems for those who are looking for a more gentler yet professional product.

Organic Color Systems is rich in certified organic ingredients, plant extracts, amino-acids, natural oils, vitamins, and other nutrients to make sure your client’s hair is left as healthy and vibrant as possible. Here are a list of our wonderful natural ingredients.


• Organic Chamomile

• Organic Aloe Vera

• Organic Comfrey Root

• Organic Orange Peel Extracts

• Organic Grapefruit Seed Extracts

• Organic Vitamin C

• Organic Vitamin E

• Organic Vitamin B5

• Organic Soy Oil

• Organic Coconut Oil

• Organic Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

• Organic Coconut Plant

• Organic Comfrey

• Organic Sweet Almonds

• Organic Sunflower Extracts

• Organic Citrus Extracts

• Organic Jojoba Seed

• Organic Fennel Seed

• Organic White Willow Bark

• Organic Sea Mayweed

• Organically Grown Geranium

• Organic Bergamot Fruit

• Organic Lichen Extract

• Organic Citric Acid

• Amino Acids

• Anti-oxidants

Organic Color Systems Highlights


• No Ammonia or Ammonia derivatives

• Contains an average of 0.6% PPD's to some colors containing •      _absolutely No P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) or PTD's

• No banding or hot roots

• No skin staining

• Alkaline base making it ideal pH of 4.5 - 5.5

• Improved hair texture, more shine, greater fade resistance and color _that fades on tone

• No Resorcinol, formaldehde, or p-toluenediamine or other ingredient _banned by the European Union

• Huge color selection

• Available in Permanent, Demi or Semi

• Up to 3 levels of lift with color on natural hair

• Up to 7 levels of lift with Ligtener

• Superior grey coverage

• Cleaner Blondes

• Beautiful Reds that fade on tone

• No putrid toxic fumes, no irritation

• Soy based, contains hydrolyzed wheat protein

• Contains certified organic ingredients

• No animal testing, Cruelty free, vegan

• Sealed by the Organic Soil Association

theSalon at Natural Solutions uses Organic Color Systems for our all over color color and highlighting. What are some of the styles you can achieve?


Blonde Hair & Blonde Highlights

If you want a vibrant blonde, soft hues of blonde, or platinum blonde all over, we have the right blonde for you.  Organic Color Systems delivers the most natural, trendy looking professional hair color available. Organic Color Systems are for licensed salon professionals only. So book your next appointment with theSalon at Natural Solutions.

Red Hair & Red Highlights

If you want a vibrant red, soft hues of strawberry blonde, or hot copper red all over, we have the right red for you. Organic Color Systems delivers the most natural, trendy looking professional hair color available. Organic Color Systems are for licensed salon professionals only. So book your next appointment with theSalon at Natural Solutions.

Brunette Brown Hair & Brown Hair

If you want a vibrant brown or want your hair to be as dark as a black raven, we have the right shade for you. Organic Color Systems delivers the most natural, trendy looking professional hair color available. Organic Color Systems are for licensed salon professionals only. So book your next appointment with theSalon at Natural Solutions.

Organic Color Systems is Ideal for


This series of professional hair color is ideal for those consumers who have allergies such as ammonia, smells, scalp issues, highly sensitive skin, ppd allergies, ptd allergies, problems with traditional hair color whether it be a do at home kit or a salon service. Please note that due to some allergies being so severe, that we would suggest not using a hair color dye at all to allow for your body to recover naturally. We would also recommend a scalp detox which we can provide thru Morrocco Method Hair care products, the use of other scalp calming products would also be helpful. Natural Solutions Boutique staff can assist you with questions concerning these products as many can be used in the convenience of your own home.


If you are not able to go to a salon, we can assist with alternatives through our website:

Phone 330-337-0703