465 E State Street, Salem, OH 44460

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Natural Solutions is a local organic salon here in Salem, Ohio. Natural Solutions also offers Paul Mitchell Colors as they are a gluten-free option for clients with Celiac disorders or who are gluten sensitive.  Paul Mitchell colors are also paraben free which matches our paraben free moto. Customers can effectively find the right product for their professional hair service, whether they are lightening their hair, looking for an all over color in bright reds, deep browns or raven blacks, even golds and chestnuts.


Our local Salem Ohio Beauty Salon also prides itself for having healthier perm solutions. Both our professional perming services are ammonia free and Thioglycolate free. Our organic perming solution brings additional personal safety benefits when perming your hair.  It contains No Sodium Hydroxide or Lithium Hydroxide. It is also Acid balanced - leaving your hair at it's natural pH best. Other ingredients can also cause irritation such as the synthetic preservatives UREA, DMDM Hydantoin and Hydrochloric Acid. So our organic perming solution does not contain these ingredients either.


Natural Solutions also provides an all natural haircolor service from dye free henna. We have various colors that we can apply, even prepare a unique blend for you. We use all natural additives to enrich the formula while it processes to leave your hair soft, shiny, manageable and highlighted. Since henna is not a chemical color, our henna color services are not considered permanent hair colors. They coat the hair shaft and give different degrees of saturation depending upon the method that is best for you individually. Heat is applied during the process as well. Length of the process can take upward of two hours. Clients who want to match their re-growth to their hair with permanent hair color may want to speak with a stylist personally to see if it can be done. If you are gray, never colored your hair before, have not had a permanent hair color process for some time may want to consider this method.