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Date: October 16 2017

Subject: Salem Ohio Salon-Boutique, Natural Solutions celebrates their 18th Anniversary


A decade can seem to go by fast with the fast pace that the world is going these days due to technology and other advances. Local business, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty, Body & Bath Limited, located at 465 E State Street, Salem, Ohio knows a thing or two about this. As a pioneer in the online e-commerce world, this young company made it's start in 2001 from owner Jennifer Reeds cozy living room. Armed with only a computer, internet and a new software program that would allow her to create an online website, all she needed was a passion and the right product to bring it to life. Reed says, "I didn't graduate from business college, but I knew I wanted to work from home and I was raising two small kids at the time, so I had to learn all about a new technology, a new form of business before it began really catching on." Reed found her niche in the all natural beauty world. Her first product line she sold is still on her shelf today, along with other well known brands such as Bare Minerals. With product lines that feature simple formulas for sensitive people and a philosophy that 'Only the purest will do',  Jennifer is staying strong in a fluxuating economy. Jennifer has continued to expand product ranges and also turned her business into a thriving salon and boutique. She offers an organic hair color and perm system made for those seeking a more holistic beauty experience. She also believes in having gluten-free alternatives for her clients suffering from celiac disorder. Reed says, "We can now offer clients that may not have been able to visit a salon due to their sensitivities, a great experience because we have the best alternative professional products around. We also feature nail services."  Reed contributes her long term business success to the help of associations such as The Salem Chamber of Commerce, The SBA of Youngstown, and the support of programs from Job & Family. February 1, 2017 marks their 18th year in business, Reed continues to look at the business forecast and is determined to meet the challenge of what is to come.


If you'd like more information about business owner, Jennifer Reed, please contact her at 330-337-0703, or email her at