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Natural Solutions Boutique has a large selection of Zoya Nail Polish Enamels.


Zoya polishes are free of the big 5 toxic ingredients. They are free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl pthalate, camphor and formaldehyde resin.


Zoya boasts of a longwear, natural nail formula. In our experience with the product, we find that this is true. Zoya has a great combination of items that assist in it's long wear and if you use the products too, you should find this out for yourself.


If your looking for healthier nail products, then look no further. Natural Solutions offers its salon and boutique clients a safer nail product experience.  Zoya nail enamels are fun, offering hundreds of different shades. We keep many on hand for our local clients, but your not locked into what we only stock. All our customers are free to do special order requests as we order Zoya at least twice or more a month.  We also offer the new limited edition items. Because they are so pleasing to people, we also use them for our professional nail services.  Great designs are possible with Zoya Nail Enamels. We've included some on our page below just for your pleasure! Contact us for your next spa manicure or pedicure!

What Makes Them Different?

The truth is — not all nail polishes are created equal. We like to compare Zoya quality to the other popular nail polish brands on the market. There is a noticeable difference in formula and quality. Consider for instance, most polishes contain dibutyl pthalate. This ingredient is a common plasticizer. However, according to studies that the has published, this ingredient is connected to Endocrine Disruption as well as Organic System Toxicity. This ingredient is banned in Europe, and the State of California says it is a reproductive and developmental toxicant. So this is why we have put our name behind Zoya Nail Enamels, because they were the first to strike the ingredient for their formulations, leading the industry into a new path that not all companies have followed. What about what your using? What about the salon you go to, what are they using?


Toluene is another popular ingredient found in nail polishes, paints and more. It's colorless solvent but when it's dispossed it is considered a hazardous waste. So what are the health issues for you and I? While this is an odorless substance, it certainly produces vapors. It's vapors can actually pass through your bloodstream, but much of the time the body will change it into something more healthier. What about what the body can't manage or when someone's immune system is not working right? It can cause tiredness, confusion, weakness, memory loss, nausea and loss of appetite. As a salon, since we work with nail polish every day, we have to choose a polish without this ingredient. Those standards benefit our customers immediately.

We've spoke about Dibutyl Pthalate and Toluene, what about Formaldehyde. The hair industry banned this ingredient years ago, but the nail industry has had a tougher time getting rid of it. It's still found in professional and retail nail enamels to date. What is it? It is classified as a human carcinagen. It's job is to harden the polish. More immediate issues can be irritated eyes, nose, nose, and skin.  It can lead to a rash called dermatitis.  Dermatitis is not a convenient condition. Many women who have skin allergies find that using a polish with formaldehye can cause severe skin reactions that affect the nail growth.  This is why we do not use this in our spa manicures or spa pedicures. We do not retail polish that contains this ingredient as well.


Many people do not recognize the next ingredient that makes Zoya different. It's called Camphor.  Camphor is now produced with turpentine. In a nail formula, it can cause skin irriation with broken or injured skin such as bad cuticles or hang nails. It's vapors are also hazardous. These are good reasons to not include it in a healthier alternative nail polish such as Zoya..


If you'd like to check out our stock of Zoya polishes, you can actually look over our current stock at our e-commerce website, Click below the color group you'd like to see: