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MOUSTACHE is the word. The Moustache is back. It's not just an older man's distinguishing mark, it's now becoming the younger man's artistic mark. There is no limit on size as many are growing in full beards with them as well. Men however that have a hard time growing beards opt for the moustache. If your not sure about growing a moustache, try letting the hair grow for just a week to feel it out. Just like a head of hair, the hair on the face can grow in a particular direction too, so ask someone experienced if your moustache will have any issues. In the end however, you'll never really know until you grow it out. A fine moustache takes maintenance to keep it looking great. You'll want to be sure that it doesn't overgrow it's original shape by maintaining the original lines.


Men's hair styles greatly effect the moustache, so to avoid a severe look, don't make your beard and your hair have the same style. If your beard has a very clean line, keep your hair a little loose, natural and vice versa.


For men who are thinning, why not consider shaving the head and growing a fuller beard. It's a common trend that hasn't gotten old.


It's Not A Women's Business Anymore!


It's an understatement that Men care about their looks. The Men's Grooming Industry has exploded in the last 5 years to over 61 million in annual sales (a 70% growth compared to 5% in women's grooming) and will continue to increase as men under 25 begin to steal the next big market. Sam Burns, educator for Paul Mitchell Products recently helped professional stylists to understand this while visiting the Paul Mitchell School in Twinburg Ohio this past summer, 2013. He said that professional stylists will gravitate to the women coming into the salon and put their needs over the man coming in. He indicated that this was a huge mistake as men can come in on average 15 times a year compared to women at 4 times a year. So how is Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty, Body & Bath taking on this challenge? We accept it straight on. Our boutique side offers the products to support what our stylists do and suggest on the salon side.


Men are seeing the advantages of visiting salons verses barber shops because they recognize that they have multiple needs just as a women. They want to have their hair cut, clipped, styled; they want to know how to take care of that cut, clip or style; they want the right product for their hair cut, clip or style; they want to feel comfortable; they want a place that offers hair color services such as men's cover the gray, men's highlighting, brow waxing, manicure and pedicure services.


Men offer salons stability. They are loyal, not just discount oriented, and they also show appreciation for a job well done.

Men are also growing away from the "Just For Men" hair color types because they want to look natural, and it's not natural to be completely gray-free at 60. This has spurred on the men's grooming market in the salon for sure, as they can prepare just the right tone for your hair. Different options in hair color for men are also available so that men can get a fade out shade instead of a permanent, this way they have a gradual gray appearance come back instead of a line of growth that marks when they last applied hair color. This definitely makes men happy as they want to come into a salon but not look like they do.


Television has greatly influenced what men like as well. Testosterone tv has brought series such as Mad Men, Modern Family, Pawn Stars, That 70's show to shows like Duck Dynasty, Parks and Recreation and Doctor Who. With each inspired television show comes their unique take on what Men want to look like and feel.




Men's choices in grooming products are as varied as a women's wardrobe these days. He needs just as big a 'beauty drawer' as she does! Men have joined the 21st century and they've caught up with the ladies on skin care and hair care. Men with loose curls love products that keep the shape of their curls but without the stiffness, so consider products like Giovanni All Natural Styling Glue or Gluten Free Paul Mitchell Re-Works, Hair Sculpting Lotion or Fast Form. For men who need sharpness and defined looks, they love using products like Giovanni All Natural Wicked Wax or Gluten-Free Dry Wax Firm Glue.


At Natural Solutions, we have many options, including the ones mentioned above. For men's cover the gray services, we offer Paul Mitchell Gluten Free Flash Back Colors which are a 10 minute service for only $10 to take 10 years off.


Does Natural Solutions have a menu for men's services? Absolutely.

Men's Manu


Hair Cut and Style

'Duck Dynasty' Beard Trim $5

Neck Trim $5

Men's 'Lost' Buzz Cut $8

Men's Studio Dry Cut $13

Men's Shampoo, Studio Cut & Style $15

MENbership Options:

1st Class MENbership includes 6 Men's Shampoo, Studio Cut & Style Services and get the 7th free

We offer specialty styling consultation.

An extra fee will be added for customers with longer hair.


Hair Color

Shoe Shine (highlighting tips) $10

Hawaii 5-0 (5 foils) $12.50

Men's Gray Reduction Service $15

We offer custom color and color correction by consultation.

Prices vary according to length and condition of hair, or for specialty styles.

Prices above for chemical services are based on the use of Paul Mitchell products.

Paul Mitchell is gluten free.

Organic Color Systems is our alternative chemical service option which offers a more gentler experience for those who are highly sensitive, which to use a low PPD level product and are sensitive to smells.


Nail Services

Miami Vice MANicure (clean up cuticles, file, trim, exfoliate, buff) $15

MENpedi (basic clean up, scrub) $15

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