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Yes you can find Ammonia-Free Perming System services!


Choosing ammonia free perming products is getting easier than ever before. Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary permanent curling system, that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals. Formulated without ammonia or thioglycolates, it uses the material Cysteamine HCL, which has the same natural characteristics as the hair's own keratin (a major protein in the hair) and so helps to improve the structure of the hair. It is by far a gentler ingredient.


Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary, multifunctional perming, straightening, and relaxing product. The neutralizer system contains plant amino acids, which soothes and conditions the scalp. The hair is left with a natural feel and shine.


Organic Curl Systems is self-balancing with optimum conditioning.  The low pH it operates at virtually eliminates any damage to the hair.  Organic Curl Systems works between pH 4.5 and 6.5, depending on how much activator is added and leaves the hair around its natural optimum isometric pH level, so it is undamaged by the process. Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair or sensitive scalps.  With Organic Curls Systems, there is little need for test curls, and the more natural, gentle, and organic ingredients will provide your with only the most fabulous results.


Organic Curl Systems is able to curl most hair types, leaving the hair in great condition, as well as eliminating the need for separate perming products.  All perming techniques can be achieved, including: weave wind, drop wind, root lift.


Organic Curl Systems Highlights


* No Ammonia or Ammonia derivatives

* No Thioglycolates or Thioglycolate derivatives

* No Sodium Hydroxide or Lithium Hydroxide

* Acid balanced - leaves hair at it's natural pH

* Contains Cysteamine HCL

* Gentle neutralizer with plant amino acids

* No animal ingredients

* This product has not been tested on animals


Can you achieve these results with other professional perming or curl services? Your local professional salon may carry products for curling and perming, however consider the ingredients in other perm or curl products you want to use. What do you know about them? Most of the perm or curl solutions your stylist will use contain glyceryl monothioglycolate. Known as an acid perm, glyceryl monothioglycolate works by breaking the disulfide links between the polypeptide bonds in the keratin (the protein structure) in the hair wrapped in rods. Heat is applied via a hairdryer and this activates the perm process causing the bonds to reform in the shape of a curl.  Glyceryl monthioglycolate contains no ammonia, hence this type of perm is not associated with the smell that alkaline perms have. In addition, acid perms are gentler to the hair, hence more suitable for delicate or thinner hair. However, clients can be allergic to this ingredient and as a result, they may suffer from contact dermatitis on the neck, scalp and ears. The chemical can remain active in hair shafts for months thus causing long-lasting dermatitis. Other ingredients can also cause irritation such as the synthetic preservatives UREA, DMDM Hydantoin and Hydrochloric Acid.


theSalon at Natural Solutions uses Organic Curl Systems from Organic Salon Systems for our perming, straightening, relaxing, root lift and weave wind hair styles. What are these styles?


About This Brand

theSalon at Natural Solutions choose to use Organic Salon Systems because they are committed to educating and training their salons in the area of alternative professional salon services such as curl systems, color systems and other hair care products.

Organic Salon Systems provides professional hairdressers with high performance hair products which maximize the use of gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients, while minimizing the necessity for harsh or damaging chemical additives. W With these healthier products and better information, they hope to bring about superior results, increased competence and a safer salon environment for all concerned.


To accomplish their mission, they have adopted the following company ethos which theSalon at Natural Solutions agrees with:


* Nurture the beauty, dignity, respect, health and well-being of all.


* Only distribute the highest performance, healthiest most natural, and gentlest products available.


* Fully disclose all product ingredients and act with transparency, honesty, and integrity.


* Never tolerate any products ever tested on animals.


* Provide world-class service and always strive to become the best at what we do in every regard.


LATEST NEWS: Each year the approximately 118,000 readers of American Salon Magazine vote for who they think have the best of the best products in the salon industry with the Professional Choice Awards. This year the top honor for curls/perms went to none other than our own Organic Curl Systems. This amazingly versatile perming system contains no ammonia, no sodium hydroxide, and no thioglycolates! Instead it is made with certified organic ingredients that are gentle on hair, and leave it in optimal heath after the service. Organic Curl Systems can also be used to relax and straighten hair too! It's no wonder the American Salon readers love it so much!


The perm is back! The key trend is soft curls, full of volume and movement. Curls should look natural and in excellent condition.  Organic Curl Systems delivers the most natural, trendy looking professional perms available. Organic Curl Systems are for licensed salon professionals only.


Hair straightening and smoothing using chemical or keratin based systems is a hot trend that has proven to be controversial. Organic Curl Systems offers a completely safe approach to beautiful permanently straightened hair that your clients will love you for!


Chemical based relaxers using sodium hydroxide or lye can be uncomfortable and dangerous to work with for both the stylist and client while sometimes providing unpredictable or only temporary results. Organic Curl Systems offers an innovative alternative to these Relaxer.

Root Lift

Organic Curl Systems is an ideal product for Root Lifts which is a technique in permanent wave wrapping that is meant to allow for maximum volume in the hair. If the technique is performed using large rollers, you can get the added body and texture you desire (as well as the lift) without having more curl than you want.

Weave Wind

Weave Wind entails perming some sections of hair and leaving the rest straight. It is a fusion of texture, natural body and healthy bounce. The Weave Wind is mainly done on areas around the face, like the fringe.

The ingredients contained in Organic Curl Systems have been carefully selected to create a product which is as natural as possible, while doing the job it is intended for.  The neutralizer is rich in wheat and soy protein, which are natural hair conditioners and moisturizers. The wheat protein also increases protein levels and strengthens the hair. Due to this, those with gluten sensitivities can not use Organic Curl Systems. A different perm system would be recommended for those clients who wish to avoid gluten. Please be advised however, that customers who have a gluten sensitivity to food, may not have a sensitivity to the perm because those sensitivities are from the intestines, and in no way does Organic Curl Systems enter the stomach or lip area.


Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all perming and relaxing techniques, including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms, as well as straightening and relaxing.


* No Ammonia or Thioglycolates

* Active Certified Organic Ingredient

* Certified Organic Plant Extracts

* Superb Curl Retention

* Natural Healthy Bounce

* Can perm, Relax, & Straighten Too


An Organic Perm Solution, Organic Relaxer, Organic Straightener all in One Great Product


Organic Curl Systems is the most natural, organic, highly effective, permanent texturizing product available worldwide. It is as versatile as your creativity as a hairdresser will allow you to be as it not only produces fabulous perms but is a Relaxer and Straightener too. This texturizer will produce the softest, most natural, easy to manage, long lasting, texture that is full of body, life, vitality, and bounce.


Organic Curl Systems is Ideal for


Adding Curl to Tame Hair


If your client’s hair is limp or fine Organic Curl Systems can add motion, body, and volume without risk of damage or tight, poodle type or unpredictable curls. Organic Curl Systems works extremely well with any size rollers from small to large. A large roller will give you a very soft curl and a small roller will give you more of a spiral look. Altering the processing times will also help produce the ideal permanent and natural looking texture and body for your client.


Relaxing Curly Hair


If your trying to tame your clients unruly, naturally curly, often frizzy, and always hard to style hair; Organic Curl Systems is the ideal product. Organic Curl Systems can be used with an oversized larger roller that is larger than your client’s natural curl size. This will break down the brittle bonds and add softer, more tame, and naturally flowing but slight curls that are full of motion, bounce, elasticity, and vitality.


Straightening Hair


Using Organic Curl Systems as a Straightener is a simple process. Rather than using rollers, comb the hair straight during the processing time to help break down the old curly bonds and restructure the straight bonds for a natural looking permanent straightening effect.


What makes Organic Curl Systems Better?


* No Alkaline Damage

* Optimum Conditioning

* Self Balancing, Optimized for Color

* Perms up to 100% White Hair

* True-to-Rod Curl

* Low pH, No Ammonia

* No Sodium Thioglycolates

* No Ammonium Thioglycolates

* No Sodium Hydroxide or Guanidine Hydroxide

* No Lye, Lye Mixtures, or Lye Derivatives


Consider too, your nail enamel and other treatments involved. theSalon at Natural Solutions has many healthier alternatives to create the perfect holistic professional nail service possible. Make sure you consult with our stylists beforehand to pick what's right for you!


Pictures were from Organic Color Systems. Natural Solutions is not a supplier for beauty salons.



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